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Single Sided
Double Sided
No Grommets
Total : $ 50.00

Art Directions

ART:All pieces should be laid out on a 95" x 48" artboard.
There is a maximum of 32 pieces per layout.
SIZE:Max Size - Small Pieces: 48" x 24" or Less
Max Size - Oversize Pieces: 95" x 48" or Less
Min Size - All Pieces: 6" x 6"
SPACING:At least 0.125" between cuts.
CUTLINES:Each artwork should have its own corresponding cutline. Cutlines must be vector and should be set up in such a way that they can be easily separated from the artwork. (Detailed Cutline Instructions)
FLUTES:The flute direction runs the 95" on the 48" x 95" sheet. Your artwork should be rotated accordingly. (Important if using with yard stakes).

Standard Size

Max Size Piece: 48" x 24"


Max Size Piece: 95" x 48"



MATERIALWhite 4mil Corrugated Plastic
CUTTINGCustom Cut Available
GROMMETSGrommeting Available
MARGINSRecommended 1/2" Margin
BLEEDSBleed Available
VARIANCEFinish Size May Vary
CLEAN & CARECan be Cleaned with Soap & Water


SizeQuantity FromQuantity ToPrice
Small Pieces (48" x 24" or Less)124$ 50.00
2549$ 45.00
5050$ 38.00
Oversize Pieces (95" x 48" or Less)124$ 50.00
2549$ 45.00
5050$ 38.00